I woke up this morning longing for friends who are all overseas doing mission work. I prayed for them, thanked the Lord for their work, and then cried a bit from missing them. As I began looking at Bible verses about community, I cried again realizing that soon I would be the one closer to those friends, and farther from most of you. What an adventure this crazy life is, always moving when God moves, following His word. It isn’t all roses, but the suffering is small compared to the joyous glory that is to come.

Obedience to God has been the theme of our lives lately. Of course, we always want to have obedience to God, but of late it has been a constant. Serving on this upcoming TIROSH youth retreat (http://www.soazviadecristo.org/) was a large step of obedience for Louis and I and has a large impact on David Ezekiel as well. For myself it is a real struggle to commit to something that will take me away from my baby for even a few short days. For Louis it meant giving up his dream of leaving for Lebanon in February and as he continues to listen to God, the “background work” he was planning on doing for the retreat has become a myriad of talks, leadership tasks, and spiritual directing.

This morning I was sitting with my runny-nosed, coughing, teething boy and watching Veggie Tales. The story of Gideon had a funny line, and as I have struggled for the past fifteen days of this month to put into words the presence of obedience in our lives right now, Larry the Cucumber aka Gideon the Tuba Warrior, said what I have been feeling. He is speaking to the angel who has come to tell him to fight the Midianites and says, “I thought you were coming to give me a pep talk, a little ‘well done, good and faithful servant.” To which the angel responds, “If you want to hear the Lord say, ‘well done,’ then you have to do what he asks.”

The more time I am spending in Scripture and prayer, the easier it is to follow God’s To Do list throughout each day. I can go to sleep knowing that I did what He asked of me, and I am experiencing that peace that flows deep inside of me.

In obedience we are continuing to prepare for Lebanon. As with Gideon, I find myself needing to rely on God to supply. We are still in need of most of our monthly funding, and we are running low on people willing to meet with us and give. We continue to pray for God to place people in our path whom he is calling to share with us in this ministry. We are continuing to call everyone we know to meet and share our mission. In confidence that God will provide, as he did with our startup fund, we have registered for a training in April that will prepare us to go overseas.

Please join with us in prayer: Lord, please clarify Your will each and every day as we prepare to act on Your commands. Fill us with Your love, patience, peace, and joy that we may bring glory to You in all we do, say, and think. Continue to bring the commitment of our partners to supply our monthly amount so that we can fulfill Your plans for us in going to Lebanon.