Our Story

It seems that every time I sit down to write about what is going on today or this week or this month, I find myself thinking about how we got here from years ago. I ponder the turns and twists along the way.

It is important to be able to give new partners an understanding of our history. How did Louis and I decide to be missionaries? Why are we in Lebanon? And other questions are key to what we are doing, and key to understanding the vitality provided by the partners we have all over the world.

This will be a flashback post with lots of links to past posts if you want to know more of the story.

May 2012: We announced a Change in Direction to be missionaries. Annie did not take a teaching job for the following fall.

June 2012: We went on a 2 week vision trip to Lebanon while Annie was pregnant with David. Our Middle of the Trip Update was when we shared that God had given us a clear Yes to return to Lebanon full time. Once we arrived Back from Lebanon we shared a bigger vision of what God was calling us to do here.

August 2012: We began sending out our monthly newsletter. Louis finished his associate pastor job with summer camp for the youth.

We spent the months fundraising and preparing for David’s birth.

October: Louis accepted a temporary position preaching in Phoenix.

We worked together on Chayah retreats as we continued fundraising.

November: David was born!

January 2013: We began posting our financial updates each month with the newsletter and filled the newsletters with information about Davy. We continued to drive to Phoenix each week for Louis to preach.

August 2013: We taught Engaging Islam, the Horizons Curriculum

September 2013: After one year of fundraising, Louis decided that if we could reach our financial goals he would shave his head.

November 2013: Startup Fund 100% Raised!

December 2013: Louis shaved his head

March 2014: We attended a month long training in Colorado Springs called MTI. It gave us language acquisition help, culture shock training, as well as preparing us as a family to go together to Lebanon.

May 2014: We left for Lebanon. Check out these posts to hear about the chaos that traveling was for us: Liss Family Travel Log: A Lesson in Paradox; We Have Arrived in Lebanon.

Davy was hospitalized the second day we were in Lebanon. Here is Louis’ post describing the day and here is Annie’s post.

June 2014: One Month in Lebanon