Colorado (April 2014)

Last hockey game before we left. Daddy’s feet are at the top of the picture.


Stopped in Prescott to say goodbye to Delilah and Helen.

DSC06218 DSC06219 DSC06232 DSC06233

Stopped along the way for Davy to try out his new Play Place skills of making it to the slide.DSC06238

Checking out our view out of our window at MTI (Mission Training International) with Baby Lambeau


Denver Zoo TripDSC06750 DSC06751 DSC06756 DSC06758 DSC06784 DSC06792 ??????????????????????????????? DSC06810 DSC06814  DSC06824 DSC06835 ???????????????????????????????

Moved into his Big Boy Bed (a mattress on the floor) because he can climb out of the pack-and-play crib now.DSC06876

Waiting for the train that goes behind MTI all the time…DSC06896 DSC06900 DSC06901 DSC06902

Where is that train?!?!?!?DSC06926 DSC06928

Delayed Gratification: So worth it. Davy loves trains!!!DSC06938 DSC06942 DSC06945 DSC06948

Mommy loves caves, so we went to Cave of the Winds. Davy was a little more than nervous, so he passed out.DSC07000 ???????????????????????????????

Andy and Lauren introduced us to Phö, a Vietnamese soup and noodle dish. Louis loved it so we found one down the street from MTI. Turns out Davy loves it, too. He ate his entire Kids bowl and half of mine.

DSC07047 DSC07049 DSC07050 DSC07051 DSC07059

Cade’s Birthday!DSC07061

Garden of the GodsDSC07176 DSC07178 DSC07182 DSC07194 DSC07227 DSC07229 DSC07232 DSC07234a DSC07371

Davy loves piano and keyboard.DSC07381 DSC07384 DSC07391

The Highest Suspension Bridge in the world over Royal Gorge.

And Wind.

Lots of wind!!!DSC07408 DSC07410 DSC07411 DSC07412 DSC07413 DSC07414 DSC07415 DSC07416 DSC07417

As we were driving home suddenly Davy began screaming:

COW!!!! MOOOOO!!!! COW!!!!

So we pulled over and watched some cows in a field for awhile.DSC07425 DSC07426

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