About Us

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I am an external processor, so turning our newsletter into a blog has promise of being infinitely helpful for me. I can process more often and those of you who God is leading to take extra time praying for us or checking in on us can check in more often by receiving our updates automatically.


Louis is a wonderful husband and provider for our family, substitute teaching until we raise our funds for going to Lebanon. He will sometimes post updates that are more academic about the current status of Islam, or life in Beirut.


Davy is learning so much every day, and we are happy to share how our ministry is helping him grow in his own relationship with God. Many people read this blog and newsletter merely to get updates on our children, and we greatly appreciate your continued investment in him. Davy is attending CTI in Sin el Fil, an evangelical private school. 

Kyrie Rebekah

After the crazy first few years of Kyrie Rebekah’s life we are finally hitting our stride. Kyrie was born with the need for a small surgery, but with insurance and her being an infant the complications of planning for that took over a year. She was in constant pain and slept all the time. Now she has been healed, and she is a happy, joyful, energetic, amazing bundle of fun. She is still at home with Annie.

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