Spring 2019 Update

As I am sitting in the back office writing this, Louis is sitting in our salon with one of our staff members and disciples named Rezan singing Arabic worship songs. It is beautiful!

Rezan is about to turn 20, so I have been reflecting on our last five years of ministry here. Can you believe we met Rezan when he was only 14 and now he is one of our most important staff members.

Since our last update in February we have been praying in gratefulness for the continued rains through the end of the winter. The rain means less days without water in the coming summer.

As Spring begins the rains have not ceased, so our prayers of thanks are also prayers for patience and perseverance as we itch to go outside.

One of our Arizona supporters came for a visit this past month and it was delightful. The staff loved the visit and getting to meet people from our lives. He was able to participate in and visit all of the ministries we have in Lebanon and see in person the people whose stories we share with all of you. It was a real blessing for us.

The team has been growing in a good way this season. As routines have been formed for our newer staff, the relationships are able to grow stronger and deeper. The national staff has taken ownership of the internationals, and the atmosphere has grown more and more to be Christ’s culture of loving all people.

God is definitely leading as people have heard from God to pursue different projects to find soon thereafter other people national and international desiring the same goals. As these goals become firmer, the paths toward them becomes clearer and the team dynamics have been amazing to work with.


Finally, our member care sessions have continued to grow. We have had an increasing number of sessions with nationals to work on relationships, ministry, obedience to God, depression, anger, addiction, and many other topics. This has been a beautiful time of seeing God work in the simple concept of using Biblical language and returning to God’s word all the time.


Praise Reports:


In the beginning of one session with a young woman we thought was Muslim, Louis asked if she was a Christian believer and she said she was and instantly told us her testimony. It was a great reminder that sometimes people just need to be asked. We don’t know everything about someone unless we ask questions.



The Beqaa Team continues to grow with two Americans and two Lebanese now living in the Beqaa and the family of 5 getting ready to move out there in 6 months. The ministries are getting more and more stable and engaging with people really well.

There is going to be a Cubs to Lions (the Horizons discipleship conference for Christians from a Muslim background) in France this summer!

The Global Summit is coming up this June. We are so excited to see the global staff of Horizons again.

Prayer Requests:

Summer Planning has begun!

As winter ends, we have all had various levels of cold and flu symptoms, as have all of our team members, so lift our health up in your prayers.

Our dates are still in flux, but if you are in North Carolina, New York, Michigan, Utah, Colorado or Arizona and want to see us please send us an email and we can coordinate. As our dates get more set we will post some appointment slots online too.

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