2 Weeks in America


I (Annie) have been in America coming up on two weeks this Tuesday. I haven’t had a chance to check in because I left my computer in Lebanon with Louis and we have taken our two broken computers into a shop in Phoenix in hopes of salvaging pictures and maybe a workable computer.Can't Stop Me

So, I thought I would check in at this point and let you know that we are well. So here is a quick bullet point list of our trip so far:

  • JET LAG: I didn’t know kids would struggle with jet lag, but boy did they! It was insane! The first week was spent just trying to keep them awake during the day with toy stores, swimming, and games.
  • Visits and Appointments: I started meeting with partners to share encouraging stories and the plan moving forward. If you would like to see me, the best way is to text or call me at 480-242-6979, email me, or sign up on the calendar page by clicking the day and time you are available and writing your name into the Title.
  • Planning for attending the CriCon training.
    • This is a training to prepare me to write policy for crisis encounters that may occur for our staff in Lebanon and as they go into other places in the world.
    • I will update you after the training with a debrief, but for now be praying because I will be leaving the kids in Mesa with my parents during the training.
      • If you would like detailed prayer updates for things like this CLICK HERE to join our prayer team. Items with sensitive information are only emailed to this group.
  • Ministry preparations and prayer time to determine what God has for me in the upcoming year
  • Praying a lot that God will bring forward people who can help us get our funds from 38% to 100%.
  • Culture Shock: Getting gas the first time in our car was a bit overwhelming, and every trip to Walmart I end up leaving before I can even get through half of my list because it is so overwhelming.

If you are one of those people who can join us in financial partnership CLICK HERE and find STAFF: Louis & Annie Liss on the dropdown menu.


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