Financial Update for June

Basic Financial Goals

$8,239.05 per month

Currently Pledged: $2,597 per month (32% of Monthly Goal)

2017 So Far


Contributions: $4,815.50 (58% of Monthly Goal)

Salary: $4,214.53

Online Giving Fees: $573.11

Administration Fee: $481.55

Balance in Account at the end of March: $394.35


Contributions: $3,594.94 (44% of Monthly Goal)

Salary: $3,772.40

Online Giving Fees: $20.98

Administration Fee: $359.49

Balance in Account at the end of April: $163.58

Total Contributions so far into 2017: $16,337.05 (17% of 2017 Goal)

Please feel free to ask us any questions about our budget. Annie is our budgeting queen and is ready to clarify and help you understand our budget. Just because we write the budget does not put that money into our account. Horizons does not pay us unless our partners put the money in our account. You are our partners, our shareholders. You are the ones that make this budget possible or not.

We need more people joining with us financially all the time. We want to share this ministry with you. Please Give by CLICKING HERE. Put Louis Liss in the memo.

We are fully relying on God for this budget. We know He will make it all possible. If the opportunities we are getting most excited about start to become realities there will be a great increase in work and it will be self-starter, entrepreneurial work which will require a strong support team backing our passions. Join our Prayer Team, Annie’s Blog (for moral support and accountability for her), and

Saturday Prayer Challenge

Thank you for praying for us this week as Annie prepares to bring the kids back to the States for the summer.

If you would like to join our Prayer Warrior team, CLICK HERE. Once you are signed up for our team you will receive in depth prayer requests and prayer alerts when we have an urgent prayer request. It is the best way to stay in the know about what’s going on with our hearts.


Annie will be travelling for the first time with the kids without Louis. This is going to be a big adventure as well as a big challenge. Please pray for the travels, for the peace and patience we need to get along, and also for details that are usually handled by one adult while the other wrangles the kids can be handled easily with just me.

To Get More of the Story

There is so much more to say about this and we would love to share it with you if you will commit to being a Prayer Warrior for us.

Meet with Annie

If you are interested in finding out more, helping from the States, or praying with Annie while she is in the States, CLICK HERE to sign up for an appointment while she is in Arizona.

Lord, bless our missionaries as they travel. Give them your abundant peace. Provide for their needs in new situations and give them wisdom to make decisions along the way. Help them to share love and patience in excess throughout the trip. Surround them with the joy we feel for them returning to us as they arrive. Amen.

A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:34-35