Grocery Shopping in Lebanon

Living Life With the Lisses in Lebanon

Whether you pray, send gifts or money, or just read our blog you are a part of our team. You are the encouragement that gets us through the hard times. You are a huge part of the work we do here in Lebanon. With the huge gaps in communication I feel the part of me that lived in America for most of my life getting stressed over the loss in relationships with you all. So, I had this idea to share our lives here in a more interactive way. It has taken me awhile to make it doable, and now I am inviting you to join us in a few challenges to pretend you are living life alongside us.

Life in Lebanon Challenge #1: Grocery Shopping

The challenge will be simple. There will be 3 to 5 basic rules to follow for the activity, and you can do it at your own convenience.

This first challenge is about grocery shopping, which Louis and I do every other week with a few side trips to fill in for ingredients we couldn’t find on the first trip.

1: Make your shopping list as usual. If you normally just shop the aisles make a list for this exercise, yes you can buy things not on your list.

I use a meal plan purchased through Bikini Body Mommy to take the guesswork out of meals for the week. Briana provides a grocery list along with the recipes and the meals and snacks all planned out for me.

2: Now give your shopping list to someone else and ask them to randomly cross out 3 items and circle 3 items.

This is a simulation of the lack of availability of ingredients in our stores. There is no guarantee of any item on our list being at the store every week or the kind/brand/type that we would like.

3: Go to your grocery store and shop. As you reach items that have been crossed off, do not buy them this trip. In your virtual Lebanon experience, that item is “not available”. As you reach items that were circled, buy a different brand than you normally would, your brand is “not available” this week.

4: Try to make it through the week without the items that were “unavailable.” If you absolutely need one of the items you can go to a different store to try again after 3 days.

I hope you enjoy shopping with us! Please share in the comments how it goes!


7 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping in Lebanon

  1. Until you have gone to a European grocery store (which I am sure is much more stocked than where you are shopping), you don’t realize how blessed in over-abundance we are in the U.S. There are not 150 types of cereal. There are maybe 10 (maybe). AND personal hygiene items, maybe 2 or 3. We definitely have more than we need. Blessings my friends. I will accept your challenge & let you know how it goes.

    • So true. Any cereal we recognize is also twice what we would pay in America, so we buy the off brand, which of course has more sugar and is doused in rose water. We eat a lot of oatmeal. So much variety in America, but here it is much more limited. The produce is extremely cheap and fresh here, which we love.

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  4. Just wanted to let you know you are in my prayers every day . My God bless you each day as you do his work. I love hearing from. I hope you remember me from Abiding Savior.

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