Prayer Is Where the Action Is

Prayer Is Where the Action Is

With my upcoming trip to America I want to be submerged in prayer from all of you. I hope to have a week of prayer like we did when we returned to America this summer, and I am currently drafting up 7 topics to ask for your prayer about. Please start praying now for our travels and that we would be able to accomplish God’s goals on this trip.

Without prayer we do not function as missionaries. It is by far the most essential type of support we receive from people. I would love to meet with people willing to join our prayer team to learn about ways to pray. Please sign up for an appointment and I can share with you ways to pray with us and for us throughout the next 3 years.

Sometimes we can’t express everything in our public newsletters and blog.

Sometimes we are struggling in areas that don’t make an interesting blog post.

There are times it is hard to find the words to tell people what to pray for.

Please read between the lines, ask us questions, and pray for us as God leads you to pray.

When you read our newsletter, feel free to ask about anything that God puts on your heart. You are a part of our ministry, and we need you. You will be able to see our struggles and adventures in a different light. You can bring us before God and receive insights from your own experience. You can offer encouragement in an area we are numb or discouraged or confused. We need your prayers.

It would be amazing to hear from you when you pray for us. It is wonderful to hear from people and know that they are thinking about us even though we are so far away.

Resources to Pray For Us

If you haven’t already, sign up to receive our posts in your email daily, weekly, or monthly. This is the best way to stay in touch with us because you can reply to the email and it will go directly to us.

Start a conversation with us, and keep in touch by downloading the app Whatsapp to your phone and giving us your number, Skype to your phone or desktop and setting up an appointment, meeting with Annie while in the States to share your availability for praying with and for us.

Sign up for Annie’s blog updates. Annie’s blog has more of our personal lives, stories about the kids, and an insight into her own growth and learning here in Lebanon.

Read Serving as Senders by Neil Pirolo, for an entire chapter on ways to pray for your missionaries.

Take our prayer requests to your church or small group for prayer. Share our need for prayer with others around you! Praying together is better than praying alone.


2 thoughts on “Prayer Is Where the Action Is

  1. I am praying for you all to be surrounded by the cloak of safety and connectivity both in Lebanon and here in the states.

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