Dates are Posted: Get Your Appointment with Annie

On Our Way Home for the Summer!

Annie and the kids are coming back to the States for the summer to fundraise for our new budget for this next term of missionary work in Lebanon.


to set up a time to meet with Annie.

This may be too soon for most of you to be thinking about July and August plans, but for some of you out there reading this you know the dates you will be traveling already. I now have the dates I will be traveling and I want to be able to see as many of you as possible for this summer in the States, so please do not hesitate to sign up.

Ways that you can help out now:

Talk to your pastor about a day and time I could come and share about our work in Lebanon and needs.

Invite a few people who you think may be interested to have a small group sharing instead of one on one with you.

Talk to your Bible study or small group about having me come and share about our missionary adventures.

Set up an appointment with me so I can share with you personally.

Here’s how it works:

First, click the link and it will take you to a Google Calendar. The dates I will be in the States are June 27 – August 21. If you book an appointment early enough you will see a screen that says, “There are no appointment slots available until Jun 6, 2017 with a link to look for appointments further ahead. Click that blue link and it will take you to the dates I am available to meet with people to talk about Lebanon.

Second, scroll through the calendar to the dates you know you are free. Some of the days I already know which city I will be in, but some are entirely open so far.

Select one or multiple slots depending on how long you would like to visit for, or if you want to include a meal in the visit. Once you click on an appointment slot it will ask you to fill in details. Here is where you let me know who you are and which city you are in. This is a planning tool for me, so it can be changed as we get closer and adjusted for real times then. You do not need to use this area to put contact information because the appointmenst are public on this calendar, so just your name and city are enough for me to plan for.

Based on the plans I have made so far, I have given all my free time as appointment slots on this calendar. I do not truly intend on spending every slot meeting with people, but this is a good starting point for me, so please don’t hesitate thinking you will be taking away my time. I am coming to see you! You are an essential piece to what we are doing in Lebanon, and the people willing to take time to hear from me will be doing me a great service. Thank you for your prayers and caring for us!

If you didn’t click already, HERE IS THE LINK to make an appointment with me this summer!


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