Prayer Report & EDIT-Share a Meal with the Lisses!

EDIT: We created appointment slots for meeting with us for meals, either to hand off a freezer meal for our family or to take us out to eat. CLICK HERE. If you would like to feed us, but can’t fit those times, consider donating that meal amount to our Fundraiser for Kyrie’s surgery or mailing it to our house.

7 Days and Counting: America is 1 Week Away!

Thank you to all of you who joined us last week in our Prayer and Fasting. If you did not receive the details emailed to you each day and would like to receive such updates in the future CLICK HERE and select monthly, weekly, or daily updates as you wish.

While we are in America we are not able to truly make the rounds to share with everyone about the past year in Lebanon. Therefore, this week we are going to share a little each day about the same seven topics to let you all know a little taste about ministry and life here and the future moving forward in 2017.

This past week, the very day you were all joining us in praying for our trip, we called the surgeon to confirm that all plans are go. We scheduled a pre-surgery appointment for Kyrie on December 15th.

On December 28th she will have the hymenotomy performed at Tucson Medical Center.

Ways to See Us:

On January 1st Louis will be preaching at Streams in the Desert Lutheran Church at 10:45am. After the service we will be hanging around to share about our ministry and to hand out prayer cards.

On January 8th Louis and Annie will be presenting a missions moment at Mt. Zion Lutheran’s three services and staying in between and after services to share about our ministry in Lebanon and to hand out prayer cards.

Please come by one of those services to hear a ministry report. On the Surgery Fundraising site, we have posted the dates we are in Phoenix or Tucson. This trip is going to be focused on the surgery and family, but we hope to see many of you as well. Please let us know if our dates align with yours. A few people have said the button to give a meal on the GiveForward site is not working, so please CLICK HERE to choose a time to meet up or bring over a meal over for our family if you have not been able to contact us.

This coming June, Annie and the kids will be returning to America for the purpose of sharing our story, our plans, and partnership development. If you are not able to connect with us this winter, please contact us to connect with Annie this summer. CLICK HERE if you are interested in being in touch this coming summer.

Please join us in prayer this week again. We will be posting a short report on each topic that we prayed about last week. God provided quite a bit of clarity on some things, so we want to let you know.

Today is Monday, and we have several God moments to report from our own prayer time on Monday for the trip to America.

Kathy, the woman here in Lebanon on a vision/project trip currently has had to change her flight, and is now going to be flying out with us! This is exciting news since that first leg is going to be a little rushed and stressful, and having the extra pair of hands to help with the kids is such a blessing!

Also, as we prayed over fears and anxieties, they fell away throughout the day on Monday. We are feeling a great sense of peace about this trip to America in a week!

The biggest stress we discovered that we were both struggling with is feeling that we might disappoint others’ expectations. To be coming home for this surgery, to not really take a tour of all the supporters we have and give personal updates and raise the money we need to really invest in the ministry here, all feels stressful. But it is taking care of our family first, this surgery being taken care of, that is most important. While we love all of you, bending to what we think you might think about us, but not taking care of our daughter’s health would be a terrible choice. So we were able to take the week and in every day turn away from the temptation to worry over what others will think, and make choices that are best for our family.


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