One Week of Praying for Your Missionaries in Lebanon


Davy Overlooking the Mediterranean

Hello again! Liss Family here. We have two weeks left before we are back in America for a month of holidays, family, and Kyrie’s surgery. In our ministry and lives, we are at a turn in the road. Therefore, as a family we are taking the next two weeks to pray and fast for 7 areas in our lives. We would love for you to seek the Lord along with us on these topics.



Wednesday    TIMING


Friday        SCHOOL CHOICES

Saturday    RESIDENCY

Sunday        LOSS

We will be fasting in our own ways. The kids will be fasting dessert. Annie will be fasting snacks, and on Thursday fasting Breakfast and Lunch. Louis will be fasting a meal every day, and 2 meals on Thursday. We invite you to fast with us on these days if you are led by God to do so.

If you would like more specific prayer requests sent to your inbox each day, please CLICK HERE to give us your email address, and join us in praying this week in preparation for the Liss family’s return to America.

As part of Annie’s culture shock processing, she is running a FREE 21 Day Writing Challenge. The purpose is for anyone who hopes to have a habit of writing, and will include directions for creating a family blog simultaneously with a Christmas Letter for this year. For those of you who are a part of our prayer team, or would like to be, this Writing Challenge will be a great way to pray for Annie and the family while they are back in the States as she shares about culture shock and challenges.

The Countdown Has Begun!!!

The countdown has begun!!!

In less than a month we will be on a plane heading back to America for a month. This trip will allow us to see our family for the first time in over a year! November marks the one year date, that’s over 365 days, of being outside of the States consecutively. From this point on we can actually call ourselves expats, and Louis can only be back in the States for 35 days each year. It has been crazy trying to plan for this trip, the surgery, Christmas, new taxes, while still keeping our head in the game here. We are in the middle of hosting 4 different vision trips this month!

Working Hard as a Stay at Home Mom / Husband’s Personal Assistant

As I have learned new and better ways to be a true support to Louis, I have been getting more involved in the administrative and human resources side of the job here. We have intern follow up that is turning into new staff hires! We have so many ongoing communications with people who had a vision trip and want to stay involved and send teams. We have teams coming. Just when I think we will have a break to catch up on communications, I get a flurry of activity in cyberspace, at the guest houses we manage, or in our own utilities (rather, the lack of utilities).

Kyrie’s Surgery

We posted our dates for each Tucson and Mesa on Kyrie’s surgery fundraising page, and I pray and hope that you all will head on over to that page so you can help give toward her surgery or toward keeping us fed in America. Of course our families will be feeding us, too, but we are planning on not going out on our own budget except for one or two dates. We are hoping to save the money, and giving toward meals, or making a freezer meal for us and our families would be a great help. We are about 50% done with raising and saving the money for Kyrie’s surgery. We have to pay out of pocket anything not donated by her surgery date, December 28th. Please continue to share on facebook and other social media sites, tell people, share with your church, any way you can help us out, please do.

Just Start

They say if you have writer’s block, just start writing. That’s what I hope to do with this short blog post. After 3 months of no posts on our blog, I feel a sort of writer’s block. I want to tell you that we are going to start posting more often, but Louis has been working so hard, and the time he used to have at the office to write the blog posts about the ministry portion has been taken up by so many visitors. Please pray for a new habit to be formed so we can keep communication with you stronger. With this post, I hope that I can remind you all we do exist. We are working hard to bring people to Christ, disciple the nations, raise our children to love Jesus Christ, and help Westerners learn how to engage with people all over the world. This post isn’t perfect, it wasn’t edited, and I didn’t get the chance to upload pictures, but I wanted to just start the blog again. Thank you to everyone who emails us after a long pause to check on us. Thank you to everyone continuing to pray without ceasing regardless of whether we send an update. Thank you for your love and grace as we do this missionary parenting thing for the very first time. You are all amazing, and we want to reconnect with every one of you, so feel free to reply.