Serving as Senders: Logistics

I am consistently astounded at those in our life that have this gifting. Many people are amazed at when the Holy Spirit manifest in a supernatural way such as healing or prophecy. Though these of course are outstanding gifts from God, what blows me away is seeing someone so in tune with the Spirit that they can put together an event or oversee a ministry where all the helpers are enthusiastically serving and the participants are able to see the workings of God. This is the Spirit in the nuance. The behind the scenes. Those who deserve all the credit but want none. This is the logistical team.


    This last month I posted a story about helping share the Gospel in a refugee camp near the Syrian border. Ministry in the Bekaa Valley where 500,000 Syrians are living in tents is markedly different from our urban ministry we engage with daily. In our Beiruti suburban slum or Nabaa, we can stand in the street and shout about Jesus and the need for His salvation. Daily our staff goes from home to home to teach and preach about the goodness of the savior.

    Ministry in the camps can be a little messier and the missionaries in the area have worked hard with a steep trial and error curve. People do not want to hear about Jesus without it being partnered with some other kind of aid. The refugees there need to see Jesus working in front of them and then become open to hearing the word.

    A missionary friend who helps teach local churches about discipleship using Discovery Bible Studies asked me to help them distribute beds, heaters, blankets, and clothes to a camp in preparation for the winter months. In order to have this opportunity, most of this work had to happen before hand:

  1. We had to partner with a local Lebanese missionary in the Bekaa region.
  2. He had to coordinate with the local camp leader to allow us in.
  3. We had to set up a system to keep there from being a stampede on the physical needs we brought causing the gospel to be ignored.
  4. The Lebanese contact had to go a week before and get orders for the needs
  5. We had to order 200 mattresses, bushels of blankets, piles of clothes, and crates of heaters that had to be not just cheap but quality and usable in the camp
  6. 2 huge transport trucks had to be convinced to drive 2 hours from Beirut to a refugee camp where trucks have been overrun in the past.
  7. And all this had to happen before sundown when the camps become dangerous

For some it is hard to see how doing all of this could be part of the Great Commission. In reality this is much of what we do as missionaries. We spend time setting up sustainable systems that can be utilized to help share the Gospel more effectively.

    This is not only true for general ministry, but personally it is easy to get so overwhelmed with the logistical concerns of living overseas that it can actually detract from ministry. This is where we need help. If any of the following are part of your gifting: Maintaining accountability in ministry, confirming and encouraging spiritual growth, managing business affairs, or attending to personal details, then you are a person who could bless us with your logistical skills. It is these things that seem small that actually make the ministry run and stay long-term.



Jesus frequently uses questions to help us understand His teachings. Each week we will have three questions for personal reflection. Use these to help guide and challenge your own personal application for the section.











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