Lisses In Lebanon: Finally!

Life In Lebanon Has Begun

We have made it to Lebanon. It has actually been a week now, but this is the first time we could write because our internet was finally fixed for longer than six hours today.     This is a short update for November to get you up to speed, but in December we hope to write a more in depth report. We have been awake before sunrise every day so far from jet lag making our brains crazy, so bear with our exhaustion.

Lebanon - DSC_0785

Status Report

No one has gotten sick at all! We have begun eating the food here, and Louis has begun going to the center to work with another person here on a Vision Trip for the week and reconnecting with his high schoolers. We have people from Horizons staff in America beginning to come to do trainings with our team, and we are very excited about the future here. We are making ourselves a home, which is close to starting over since it has been over a year since we have been here as a family, and when we were here prior we never really settled in to the home.

Here are Louis, Davy, and Kyrie helping put together the walker that Davy picked out for Kyrie today.

Prayer Requests

  • Louis: We want to hit the ground running, but making our home livable for the family while Louis is at work sometimes keeps him home bound when he would like to be at the center more. Pray for peace and wisdom in this transition for when to stay home and when to let Annie deal with issues on her own.
  • Annie: The culture shock mixed with the last few months of chaos in America dealing with insurance have left Annie in a low place. Making a home from scratch and trying to relearn how to live in Lebanon is overwhelming. Please pray for this stage of culture shock to strengthen and not overburden Annie, but can help her to move toward independence while Louis is at work.
  • The kids:
    • Davy is very excited to be back in Lebanon and with the people here that he loves. However, he has lived all of his life in transition and within a few months usually gets to go visit someone new. Please pray that when the visa trip comes in three months and we don’t return to Arizona, that he is able to cope with the disappointment and missing of his family.
    • Kyrie has struggled so far to feel at home. Until yesterday she was very upset that this was not a place she knew. She finally began crawling beyond the rug yesterday, and today we bought her a walker that seems to be pleasing her to be near us. Please pray that she begins to feel at home here, and that Arabic would become natural to her ear instead of unnerving.
  • Logistics:
    • Louis needs to renew his passport before our visa trip, so pray for efficiency in the paperwork.
    • Paychecks, budget, furniture, internet, electricity, and other things that we are used to in America we have to learn or relearn here. Please pray that we can prioritize well and not stress out at each other.