What is Coming Up for the Liss Family?

This year has been a whirlwind. As of November 1st I (Annie) will have been in this country for an entire year. The one thing that we have continued to realize over and over? We need more people on our


We need people here in America who will be able to join us by being Senders.

If you are in any way interested in helping us, please take one of the next two Sundays to come hear about our needs as missionaries. Senders are all the people who are on our team supporting us in prayer, financially, moral/encouragement, during transitions, logistically, and communications. If you want to find out more about these needs we are offering a teaser workshop for the book we will be using to grow our team: Serving as Senders Today.

November 1: Workshop for Senders at Streams in the Desert Lutheran Church 9:30am

November 8: Workshop for Senders at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church 9:15am

November 18: Back in Lebanon

For some of you this may seem sudden, but it has been an entire year when we had only planned on a few months in the States. Once Kyrie’s surgery was cancelled completely we had to begin to look toward Lebanon. We want to be able to share more with all of you, and hope that as we prepare in the next few weeks we can share with you the answers to all the questions you might be having. We have prayed and sought the Lord and know that we are within His Will. We believe that many of the problems, stresses, and concerns that we have can be helped by gathering people willing to step into the ministry of Sending, so our focus for communication is going to be on that topic until we can find the people God is calling to join us.

Immediate Needs:


We will be packing everything up to leave for Lebanon in the next two weeks. We are looking for someone to babysit Davy and Kyrie in Tucson for several days so we can clean and pack for larger chunks of time. Please comment or reply to this email if you will be available. Tell us what days and times would work for you.