Together Again: The Whole Family is Reunited and Back in Arizona

    As many of you saw from our last newsletter, these last few months have been a whirlwind, but that isn’t much different from any time in the last year. We are in a time of great flux. Many people have emailed, called, texted, facebooked, etc. with hope for another update to make sure the boys made it home safely. They have, Louis and Davy arrived in Denver on July 7th. We have spent the time from then until now as a family and checking in with our organization Horizons International. The follow up to this is usually the question:

What now?

    Several things are on the docket, and we didn’t want to write an update until we could clearly state our main goals for the coming months.

  1. Kyrie’s Surgery will be on August 27th. We have been struggling alongside many others to figure out our insurance. We have had hours of calls and frustration with our insurance, but we are grateful to God that it seems to be working out that the insurance company should pay for the surgery.
  2. Paperwork: We are working on several things that will help our staff in Lebanon and the visitors we are in charge of.
    1. An Orientation Binder for people to stay at our new Guest House.
    2. Pre-Arrival Training Worksheets & Activities
    3. A Case Study of our Center
    4. Profiles of Staff Members at the Center
    5. Reports of the Summer Events at the Center
  3. Connection with & Discipleship of our Partners

Prayer Requests

  1. Please pray that Kyrie’s surgery would go well and be covered by our insurance
  2. Please pray for motivation and guidance in all of our plans
  3. Please pray for continued healing, grieving, and processing for our family during this time of adjustment, transition, and continued chaos.