We’re Half Back! – By Louis Liss

Davey and I have made it safely back to Lebanon.

Annie and Kyrie have stayed back in the States for Kyrie’s surgery, but I had to get back to Beirut for the summer teams that are coming. It was incredibly hard to be apart this last winter but proved to be invaluable for the ministry and for our relationship. So now we are looking forward to seeing what God has planned with this new adventure of separation. Davey is now truly a world class traveler. He had good goodbyes which helped prepare him to leave for what will be our longest stint outside the country. He did great on the plane and we were blessed to travel the last few legs with a Lebanese family that loved and doted on him.

It has already been important for us to be here as we had a medical team come through to run a clinic at the center. I was able to help do debriefing and explanation which helped to encourage a member of the team to come back next year. It has also been great to reconnect with my high schoolers. The weekly meeting that I helped set up before leaving is still going on and I am excited to spend even more time with the ones in school once the summer comes. We have six different groups coming in the next few months each with a different project. The most challenging team will be a new project that Annie and I are trying to begin where teams come and host a Vacation Bible School for the kids at the center. This is a new adventure so please be in prayer that many kids would come to Christ and even more would grow deeper in relationship with Him.

Please pray for:

  1. Davey: He is going through culture shock and really struggling with language immersion
  2. Our Relationship: It is incredibly hard to have real conversations with a 10 hour delay and two young kids who are sad and desperate for attention at all times.
  3. The Translators: Several of our unsaved high schoolers will be helping translate for the teams this summer. Pray that through translation they would come to fall in love with Jesus.
  4. Kyrie: June 8th is the consultation for her surgery. Please pray that the surgery can be planned ASAP so that Annie can return to Lebanon soon.

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