Arrival in Lebanon

    Louis and David arrived in Beirut, Lebanon only one hour late on 10pm Tuesday. (Noon here in Arizona) They have set up the internet and have begun Skyping, so if you want to start Skyping us just send Louis an email at and you can begin Skyping Davy and Louis. There were no stories to report, which is a good thing. Davy did very well traveling. They have major jet lag, and Davy did not sleep at all Thursday night.

    I am in Tucson until May 29th and then I will be in Phoenix for a week. Please let me know if you want to visit or hear about Lebanon. I am happy to see as many people as I can while still in the States. We will hopefully find out this week that the June 8th appointment can be the surgery instead of just a consult. It would give us up to a month less time away from our boys if that was the case so please pray. Our pediatrician is very kind and is hoping to be able to do all the preliminary work for the surgery with Kyrie and I at her 2 month appointment this week.

As Louis gets back into a routine I will have updates on the new school at our center and the teams coming all summer. There are only 3 days in June and July that will not have a team present in Lebanon for Louis to work with. We have people coming from Hong Kong, China; Denver, Colorado; San Francisco, California; and a new staff member from Malibu, California. Pray for all of those and I will let you know how they go.

Thank you for all of your continued prayers as we go forth to share the Good News!



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