Good News! (How often do you get to say that about finances?)

We are over halfway funded for the year!

62% Total of our $57,000 Annual Budget

66% Pledged of our Monthly Budget of $4750

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As we have been in the States fundraising again, several conversations tuned me into an aspect of our accounting that I had not realized could give us a new point of view. Each year there is a total amount we have as a goal as well as hoping to have monthly donors. Therefore, we are adding a new piece to our funding report. Along with our monthly amount we are taking how much we started the year with in the account and adding to it the amount we have gotten from January to the current month. At the end of the year we hope to have raised $57,000 each year to cover ministry expenses and salary. With this new perspective added we are already at 62% of our annual goal. We started the year with $14,816.61 left in our Horizons account, and have added $20,352 total from then until the end of April. We remain at 66% of our monthly pledges needed to fulfill our monthly goal continuously.

If you would like to see how the money is divided up in our projected budget for the year CLICK HERE.

To see how the finances are adding up this year CLICK HERE.

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