Funding Updates

Some of you have been faithfully paying attention to our financial updates, and you have emailed me about my lack of updating them for the last two months. I am finally caught up, and have gone through our tracking forms. We have had some pledges decrease and some huge increases throughout our time in Lebanon, and so I ask that you pray for those nameless few who have had crises in their lives, deaths in the family, and reasons that they could not continue to give.

    So, I am adding the updated funding information to our blog (Click Here for past updates) and it will also be in our monthly newsletter. October and November are the two months I am adding, so if you would like to pray over our finances, this can aid you in your prayers. In addition to having baby Kyrie, a main purpose of our being in the States is to finish our fundraising and we believe God can have us fully funded before we both head back.

    October 2014

Current Pledges: $3,094 / $5,026 per month
62% of our Monthly Goal

October Income: $3,075.00

Payroll: $4,009.68
Other Expenses (Online Giving): $20.90
Administration: $307.50
Total Expenses: $4,338.08

October 31 Account Balance: $12,415.65

November 2014

Current Pledges: $3,094 / $5,026 per month
62% of our Monthly Goal

November Income: $3,330.00

Payroll: $2,871.02
Other Expenses (Online Giving): $8.10
Administration: $333.00
Total Expenses: $3,212.12

November 30 Account Balance: $12,533.53

    In the upcoming months the checks that people have given us will also go into our account, as well as the donations from churches we visited. We will also have the expenses of Louis’ trip back to Lebanon and our fundraising tour through Arizona and Colorado. As always we want to keep you completely aware of the details of where the money is going. If you want to understand more about our $5,026 per month goal Click Here for our itemized budget.


This has been one of the busiest holiday seasons ever for us. We have not gotten around to a lot of the things we have wanted to share with you because we have been busy, busy, busy. So, I will be doing my best to remedy the Blog aspect of that as I find the time with Louis back in Lebanon. Which leads me to:

Announcement #1: Louis Is Back In Lebanon ^59861B2EB7011B46FEC1A490971686B0AE876FA0A9417343C6^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

Louis arrived safely back in Lebanon on December 30th as planned (The picture above is of Davy’s bed because we left his two favorite bears in Lebanon, so Daddy sent us this picture to tell us that everyone is okay). He is still exhausted, and he feels like he is getting sick, so please keep him in your prayers.

Beginning next Sunday he will be teaching a Bible Class each week that he is in Lebanon on The Life of Christ. Pray for him to be able to assign homework which will be helpful, edifying, and encouraging to the Filipino students he will be teaching.

He will also begin language classes again, so be in prayer for him to continue excelling in language so that more ministry opportunities can be made available to him.

Finally, he will be returning to the ministry center Monday. He has several new job responsibilities, and must reestablish those relationships and pastoral pieces he was doing before we left. There are new young men living at the center, and he wants to build a discipleship relationship with them as well.

Announcement # 2: Annie & Davy

We are so encouraged by all the love we have been receiving as we went to 8 different churches before Louis left. Now that we have completed our first big fundraising push, Davy and I are sticking to Mt. Zion so we can have some consistency in our weeks until Louis comes home. Thank you all for being so gracious to us, and we hope to visit many of you again before we leave. Davy was able to sit through service this Sunday, which is one of our Big Goals for him. In Lebanon we have not yet found an Arabic church home, but one thing we know we need is for Davy to be able to sit through a service, so we are continuing to work on that in the States with him.

Toilet Training & School

We have been toilet training for a few weeks now, and it is nothing like any one else has described to us. We are not able to do it in any of the conventional ways, and we realize we are not doing it in an ideal time or way, but it is what we feel best for us and for Davy. (As an aside, this is a really touchy topic with me, so while I am sharing it with you, please don’t ply me with questions and advice until we are a little more established in this. I am feeling very discouraged and weepy about it most days with Louis gone.) Please keep us in your prayers as we make this big jump into being a big boy.

Homeschooling has been continuing on with Davy. Davy is learning way more than I am teaching him, of course, and the discipline of having to do a craft or an activity that isn’t his idea has been good for him in all this transitioning. Some things I am proud of him learning include:

He can count to 10 with only one number skipped.

He can compare “Giant”, “Big”, “Small”, and “Tiny”

He can say his whole name

He says “Please”, “Sorry”, and “Thank You”

He is recognizing letter sounds and plays games like “B b Belly” (That is one he did on his own)

Baby Preparations

Many people have asked about our plans for a baby shower. With Louis gone some have thought it would be a good idea for me to distract myself with one, but we have decided that we are going to have two “Sip And See” parties after Kyrie is born. These will be low stress events, one in Tucson, and one in Phoenix. They will allow you all to meet the baby, hang out with us, and Sip tea and coffee. We will be picking dates for these the week after Kyrie is born, so if you are interested in helping plan these, please let me know so I can just assign out tasks.


While I am in Tucson and Phoenix without Louis I would be overjoyed to be able to continue to visit with people. Just send me an email, comment on the blog, or give me a call. In our last newsletter I sent out my phone number, so if you didn’t get that, just comment or reply and I will get it to you. Being able to see people would be a great help while Louis is gone, so know that your invitations are welcome. (And for anyone wanting to feed the pregnant lady, I can’t eat tomatoes after 3pm or the acid keeps me up all night, but other than that I am good.) We love you all and want to see everyone possible while we are in the States.

Announcement #3: Blogging

I am really aided by typing to journal and there have been many things on my heart that are not related to Lebanon or to Davy, so I will now be posting to my own blog as well. It is called The Mommy Book Blog. This is where I will be posting new Bible Studies that I am doing, comments on other books I am reading, and Mommy things. If you would like to follow this blog, come on over. I will be setting up emails as well, so if you would like to check it out and see if these are posts you want to try, Click Here.

What I am currently writing about is Goal Tracking.