We’re Back!

We arrived back in Arizona safely and are finally getting past our jet lag. We had no problems coming back, and we praise the Lord for His blessings and for all the prayers we know were covering us on our return to the States. Davy was an excellent little traveler, too! We are taking this first week to rest and recuperate before we bear down and get to work on fundraising and meetings. We are excited to see everyone here, and also taking the time with our families to continue to build their relationships with Davy.

We know that God is going to provide for us in amazing ways during this trip. Even though we have not been able to do any real work toward gaining monthly donations while we have been in Lebanon we have continued to move steadily toward our monthly goals. We are confident that the extreme effort we will be pouring into this area and into our reconnection with those people who support us in prayer, donations, and service to our ministry will bring blessings that will surely overflow our cups.

If you want us to come to your church or if you have anyone who you know would like to connect with us and learn about our ministry in Lebanon we appreciate the help in your planning for and with us. We are going to be extremely busy during these two months and any help you can give us through prayer, planning for us, and sharing with others about our ministry will go a long way in helping us have less stress and reach our goals.



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