A Story of New Faith

We came to Lebanon to work with the Muslims and new converts from Islam who come to the Horizons International Hope of the Nations ministry center. Our first goal has been language learning, and in our language learning search we met Ben Johnson, a Georgian man who pastors two Filipino churches here in Lebanon. As you have heard us talk about these Filipino churches that Louis has been helping pastor as Ben has needed him, you may be wondering about it all.

Here in Lebanon it is very common to have a live-in maid. In fact, our apartment is equipped with a maid’s room for that very purpose. Many of these women are allowed to leave only on Sundays, and so it is a blessing to have them attend church because on your one day off you may want to do other things. Even with that “day off” most of them have to be home to make dinner by five or six. Some of the women are only given one Sunday a month, and we had one such lady attending one of the churches.

This is the story of this woman’s witness to her employer. She was not always given Sunday off, and her ability to attend and lead in the church was challenged. She was very sad, of course, to not be able to have any community around her or to be able to go to worship God. Her employer got sick recently and she told him she would be praying for him. Before you knew it, he was healed and was able to walk without his cane! He came to her and said she could attend church every Sunday from now on because he believed that her God had healed him. Amen!

Once again, your prayers are helping in so many ways. Continue to pray for this subculture of Lebanon that they would be able to endure through hardships and praise our Lord with joy and thanksgiving.


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