Change Of Plans

Next week will mark 5 months of living in Lebanon. On October 31st, only one month away, we will be getting on a plane back to America. This much has been our plan since we bought our round trip tickets last Spring. But there have been some BIG CHANGES to our plans:

I am pregnant!

Last night Louis and I both felt the little flutterings of the new baby doing kicks and flips, so I finally felt ready to post this in the permanent space of our blog. We think we will be due sometime in March, so the big change to our plans is that I will now be in America for at least seven months to have the baby.

    Our main goal while in America is to reconnect with all of you who are making it possible to do ministry here in Lebanon, and also to raise our funding to 100%. We are positive that this change in plans is God’s way of helping us accomplish our goals as well as blessing us with this new gift, which we will be so glad to share with you before we head back over here.

        Keep all four of us in your prayers as we make preparations for the new baby here before we leave in addition to the other items we need to do around our house before we head to the airport. Also, ministry is continuing on every day, and we are working hard on a real update for you all on what has been going on in ministry here. We love you all!


3 thoughts on “Change Of Plans

  1. Just saw this Louis and Annie. So happy to hear about the new addition on the way! Blessings to all of you, prayers for a much easier pregnancy for Annie, and to Davy too as he transitions from singleton to “big brother”-hood. Love you to you always.

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