Cyprus Visa Trip: Thank You For Praying

The Liss family had a three day adventure to Cyprus and back to Lebanon. Without your prayers it would not have gone as well and peacefully as it did. God is good! All the time!

As you have heard us mention in various blog posts and prayer requests, our Lebanese tourist visa only lasts three months at a time. After that, we have to leave the country and return in order to renew the time. There is no place to drive out of Lebanon, so we have to fly, and the two cheapest options are Cyprus and Jordan. We chose Cyprus for this trip because the friends we have in Jordan were not in Jordan when we had to travel. Here are some of the prayers that were answered on this short trip:

1. Easy Boarding

Going to Cyprus and coming back we had no trouble with security or boarding, no delayed flights, everything went wonderfully. God even provided wonderful people from our team to drive us to and from the airport.

2. Peaceful People

In Rome one of the biggest stresses we had was the owner of the little 4 room “bed and breakfast” was not very nice. He was upset about Davy crying, upset about the time we got there, and upset at us for only spending a day…Needless to say, we were a little anxious when choosing a place this time because many places are small like that was and are not really hotels in the way we would think in America. God provided us with a large hotel, which had our own bathroom in the room, a separate room Davy could sleep in, and the people who worked there were peaceful. We did not have any instances of people being upset at us throughout our trip, and we were able to peacefully spend our time, ask for directions, get a rental car. It made the trip so much more enjoyable.


Since we do not have a car in Lebanon it is hard to find stores that will have items to make our lives more functional. We know that there probably are such stores, but until we have a car and can spend the day driving around checking the area out, we will have to wait awhile for that opportunity. Since Cyprus has an IKEA and we had a car, we took the opportunity to spend a few hours shopping in a semi-familiar context (everything was in Greek). This IKEA had fun stuff for Davy to do throughout the entire store, and that made our day. One of the big reasons we went there was because educational items are pretty expensive in Lebanon at teacher stores and toy stores are not very stocked with educational items. So, we bought the majority of items for him. We were also able to start thinking about bigger items from IKEA that we might get in the States and bring back if we can’t find our preferences here. It was a successful trip and a nice time to spend as a family and feel almost familiar.

4. Beach Day

It was Davy’s first trip to the beach. We woke up early and headed down before anyone else was even awake. Maybe it’s the fact that the sun rises on the side of the island we were on, or that there was some serious partying happening all night, but we had the beach to ourselves. Davy was adorable! He didn’t much like the water moving so much, but he did enjoy himself for about an hour. He loved playing in the sand with his new sand toys, especially the dump truck. And none of us burned!

5. Christian Sites

We were able to accomplish more than we even though possible on our trip. Since we arrived at 8pm on Wednesday night and were leaving at 10:30am on Friday, we really only had a full day to visit. We found the church of Lazarus, which is where they found a tomb stating, “the fourth day Lazarus friend of Jesus Christ”. The church is Greek Orthodox, very beautiful, and very different from the Catholic Churches we have visited. This was very Jesus focused, with many paintings of the resurrection of Lazarus, of course. It was the first tomb we had actually gone into since we had skipped all such things in Rome due to time. Secondly, after IKEA we still had so much daytime left we drove over to the Angelotisti Church, which means “built by the angels”. This church was also gorgeous, and very Christ-focused. Both of these churches are Byzantine churches, and this one in particular had an amazing mosaic of Mary and Baby Jesus. We were so blessed to have the time and a peaceful child to take into these two amazing churches.

Want to see more pictures?
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CLICK HERE for pictures of the sites

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