Pray for Restful Travel


Our plans are to add blog entries debriefing our training and updating you on our travel. Until we write that we took the 12 hours we spent stuck at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport to upload our favorite pictures from the trip in two new pages on this blog. Check them out and pray that this trip decreases in the chaos so we can take a break before jumping into Lebanon.

1 thought on “Pray for Restful Travel

  1. Louis, Annie and Davie, It is an answer to prayer that you arrived safely in Lebanon and I am very excited for you! I know in my heart that it is God’s providence to fulfill His mission there and that He has great plans for you.
    I am in the process of closing on a townhome in Highlands Ranch, CO, near my brother and his wife and many friends from our many years living in Colorado. Since every detail thus far has been resolved, I know that God has a plan for me also. I do not want to “count my chickens”, but all looks good to close next week (via FedX). Once the closing is behind me, I will send my new address and will look forward to your visit when you are in Colorado!
    Many kind Christian friends from MZLC (what a blessing) have spent many hours of their time helping me pack and prepare for this move. It is my goal today to finish packing the entire kitchen……Yikes! God grant us strength!
    I hope to join the congregation of Cherry Hills Community Church in Highlands Ranch, CO. My brother and his wife are members there, and although this is a “mega” church (unlike MZLC) I know I can find my place there. My brother is a retired missionary with Missions Ministries, also an outreach of this church, and my sister in-law worked in the church office for many years….so I feel connected there even before I arrive.
    Please know that I am thinking of you, love you and will be keeping you in my prayers,

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