Upcoming Training

We want to let you all know about the training that we are going to this April. So here is a summary of the information pulled from the website (Click Here to see the complete website). We will be attending the Compass training from March 31 through April 26 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Compass is designed to help cross-cultural missionaries develop skills and attitudes to successfully make it through culture shock and adaptation. Many missionaries last a short time on the mission field because there is a lack of pre-field training, and there are huge expectations set on them. One of the ways in which Compass will help with this is by giving us tools to acquire new languages quickly, which will make us more effective immediately. This will allow us to connect with the people we meet in their heart language. We will learn techniques in entering a new culture in areas of stress, team dynamics, conflicts, Sabbath rest, and relationship skills.

Your prayers are essential as we experience this opportunity together as a family. It has been many years since we have attended a training instead of running it ourselves. Davy has never had an experience of being in daycare throughout the day as he will there. I (Annie) am very nervous about it all, but feel that the Holy Spirit has been calling me out onto the ledge, to live less in safety, and more in vulnerability. I want to find God in every experience instead of relying on comfort and routine. I am excited to see what God is going to do with us there, and how we will be able to change our attitudes and increase our hope and joyfulness in these times of uncertainty.

1 thought on “Upcoming Training

  1. Once again Annie, you are my inspiration. In some ways our lives parallel in that we both are about to experience lives that will be nothing like we have ever known. I too find this a bit scary but want also to go out on the ledge a little and let God direct my steps. I like what you said about not making life about what might feel comfortable, but about submitting ourselves to God’s plan. His plan is always in my best interest. The Bible passage that spoke to me recently is; Proverbs 16:4 A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. So I join you Annnie as we allow God to direct our steps….it is after all, the only way as He is the only way. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you, Louis and precious little Davey and will continue to support your efforts. God’s blessings, Love, Esther

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