Happy Thanksgiving!

We have a lot to be thankful for this year! 

First and most important to our trip to Lebanon: Concordia Lutheran, which is the church Louis has been commuting to for a year and a half to preach each Sunday, has decided to give us $20,000! (Click Here to see the encouraging letter that came with their check!) This means that our startup fund is 100% raised! Thank you so much, Concordia, and to everyone who gives each month. Every dollar helps us toward our goals as servants of God. Thank God for answering prayers and rewarding our faith in Him to provide for us to go to Lebanon.

Davy is a year old, has been baptized, and is so smart! The kid sits in his crib every day for an hour of quiet time just reading board books. I am not kidding. He turns the pages and talks to the pages. So smart. The baptism was fun, and thank you to everyone who came or prayed for us during that time. We love you all. If you haven’t had a chance to fill out a jewel for his treasure box: Click Here for Blank Jewels to write your own message, prayer, Bible verse to Davy.

Every year we grow so much in so many different ways, and we are so thankful for the growth we have had since moving to Tucson. We have had such hurt in our hearts from church, but this past year with Louis preaching at Concordia, and being involved in small groups and services at Mt. Zion, have really provided a great deal of healing for us. We are so thankful to these to church bodies, and also to God for providing such a loving community all around us. All of you who receive this prayer letter each month truly are so important to us, we just can’t say thank you enough.

There are so many more things, people, events, and lessons that we are thankful for this year, but for now we will just wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and give you a pretty printable we found on Pinterest for this Thanksgiving: Click Here to get a printable Gratitude Journal to write down everything you are thankful for this Thanksgiving.