Save The Date! David’s Baptism & October Prayer Letter

David is getting baptized!
On November 6th our baby will be one year old. The following Saturday, November 9th we are baptizing him at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church @ 5 PM here in Tucson. Of course, you are all invited, but if you cannot make it please be praying. 

We try to have intentionality in all we do and so we are asking you as our dear partners in prayer, you who are connected to our ministry and to us in the family blood of Christ to be with us in baptizing our son. When we got married, Louis bought me two rings, and engagement ring which has a sapphire with a diamond on either side. One diamond represents myself, and the other represents Louis. The sapphire represents God, who must always be the center of our marriage. The band which he placed on my finger at our wedding is many diamonds and sapphires, this band represents the community which is made up of all those who support us. We are always in need of this family, and in baptizing our son we are asking that same family to stand up again for us, supporting us in the raising of our son. We want him to be surrounded by prayer, love, Bible, and people who love Jesus. This is essential. In your prayers and/or presence will be that commitment to him that you have to us already. Thank you so much!

Prayer Requests

Louis: Chayah followed by Via de Cristo has left us exhausted, be praying for motivation and energy.

Annie: Tirosh is coming up and flaming arrows have been heading her way for awhile now.

David Ezekiel: Please pray that he continues to love people and remains so sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

Chayah Update

God is phenomenal!
Annie (that’s me) can’t seem to process the amazing things God has done through Chayah.
 I was so amazed and blown away by God and I want all of you to understand his greatness, but I can’t seem to put into words or summarize in any way to give it justice. I may try more in a future email, but here are some praises to start you off. Feel free to question further and we will share many more stories.
  • 9 girls accepted Jesus during an altar call
  • 9 girls requested baptism forms to be baptized
  • Several adults served, myself included, that it didn’t seem likely to serve. The ways God got them to go and then used them while there was phenomenal.
  • Several girls were inspired by Jasmine, who is a girl now out serving on the upcoming Tirosh, and they said they wanted to contact Chayah and get involved with Tirosh on the outside as well. So far we haven’t heard anything, so be praying that these girls follow through.
  • Jasmine herself was blown away that anyone even remembered or cared about her and was reignited in her faith to follow through after some tough times lately. Be praying for her as well.

Funding Update

CLICK HERE to Donate: Please make sure to write in Louis & Annie Liss to send the funds to our Horizons International account for Lebanon.
Monthly Pledges

$935 / $3,300

Total Startup Fund

$8,758.65 / $20,000

New Partners: 6

Meetings This Month: 3

We are almost halfway to our start up fund and almost a third of the way to our monthly pledges. Please pray about ways you can partner with us. Even giving us $1.00 per month helps us feel connected to you when we see your name on our statement.

Don’t feel limited to give monthly, if you can pledge twice a year, quarterly or annually, we need all the village to help get us there. You are our village.

Send checks with our names in the memo to:
Horizons International
PO Box 18478
Boulder, CO 80308