September Prayer Letter

Nazirite Vows & Banquet Dinners

It’s really happening.
Louis, Annie, and Baby David are really going to Lebanon and they really are going to tell people about Jesus. People who have never heard about Jesus Christ, who died for your sins. People who have a choice before them between continuing to live in anger, racism, and hatred or turn to the love of God that makes them love those they had previously hated.
If you have been there all along, you saw Louis go from being an angry, prideful teenager to the man of God that he is now. Or you saw Annie go from being the perfectionist prone to fits of rage to the woman of God she is now. Peace and grace have transformed us, and we want it to transform others. There have been hiccups and changes from what we thought “The Plan” was, and all along we have had faith. God spoke, telling us to go, so we are going. Now we are thrilled to be planning some bigger events.
We need you more than ever. As many of you know Louis has taken a Nazirite Vow(Read Numbers 6 to find out more). When Louis took this vow he said it was until he ended school. Our college and seminary education and our trainings with Horizons have all been for the purpose of serving God, and with this last bit of time in Tucson, Louis has been able to fulfill much of the education that he was lacking while we lived in Phoenix. We have been able to follow through with several commitments that seemed would never come together. Therefore, we realize that as all of that education was in preparation to go to Lebanon, our graduation will be when we have finally raised our salary.
If we reach our goal of $3500 per month:

Now come on, you all want to see that!

In January we will be holding a Missionary Banquet in hopes of completing our fundraising then.
Mark your calendars:

January 25th

Once again, we need your help. Send us any ideas you have for this event. We are thrilled to include anyone and everyone in the planning.

Prayer Requests

You are our partners and we need your help. We are sending you. (Romans 10:13-15)

1. Missionary Banquet

  • Pray about ways you can help
  • Pray about items you could donate

2. Fundraising

  • Pray about hosting a home party for us to share our presentation with your friends, family, Bible Study, etc.
  • Pray about increasing your monthly support

As mentioned several things have happened because we are in Tucson that show the perfect timing of God.

  • Healing from past “sheep bites”
  • Louis has been able to consistently preach at a church for almost a year
  • Louis and Annie were able to teach the Engaging Islam curriculum in a Bible Study
  • Healing from past employer abuses

Baby’s First Hair Cut

We’ve got hair on our minds (literally and figuratively) this month. Annie cut her hair the same week David got his first hair cut and we began planning the Extravaganza to shave Louis’ head. Exciting stuff. David also said “Mama” for the first time (and he knew what he was saying!). At one of Louis’ hockey games, Louis made an excellent double save and I turned to David Ezekiel and said “High five!” and he smacked my hand. I was so shocked that I tried it again, and he knew what he was doing! Every time he gave me a high five! We think Poppie taught him that!

Funding Update

CLICK HERE to Donate: If you would like to donate please click here and make sure to write in Louis & Annie Liss to send the funds to our Horizons International account for Lebanon.
Monthly Pledges

$960 / $3,500

Total Startup Fund

$6970.93 / $21,000

New Partners: 5

Meetings This Month: 3

Your connections are so valuable to us and help us to go and share the Good News of Jesus Christ in Lebanon sooner. Please talk to us about speaking at your church, Bible Study, etc.