August Prayer Letter

Prayer Requests: God’s Timing Is Perfect

Louis: As the school year starts again, Louis’ schedule of making fundraising meetings will shift again. Pray for time management and a reliance on God’s timing.

Annie: Annie wants to take a more significant role in setting up the fundraising meetings and follow ups. Pray that God will give Annie boldness and patience as she takes care of David while making phone calls.

David Ezekiel: He wants so badly to walk that he thinks he can and will take off as though he can walk and fall flat on his cute, little face. Pray that David Ezekiel would learn patience and a reliance on God’s timing as well.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

David is learning to mimic behaviors: One night sitting pleasantly in his crib, David began to play peek-a-boo with me. He would duck down and then jump up and shriek and giggle. Today he wanted to “drink” from my soda. Really he just wanted to do like us, so he would just hold the straw in his mouth a second like he thought I was doing. Then he would giggle and make happy baby noises. We have been trying to teach him some sign language, and he hasn’t quite gotten the signs yet, but when he finishes eating now he waves bye bye.

So, What Is MENA?

Perhaps you have seen the heading above in some of our newsletters: Let me tell you what it is all about. MENA prayer updates are different than the updates that we send you monthly. MENA sends prayer requests and encouraging stories from our team in MENA (Middle East and North Africa). If you CLICK HERE you can receive updates of what is actually happening in Lebanon and the other countries connected to our team. You are investing in these ministries and people with your donations to us. We want you to know everything that is happening with your investments of prayer and finances, so we want you to know about this resource for prayer. You can receive daily or weekly updates about the Middle East and North Africa team (MENA).

So, What Are We Doing Now?

Teaching our Engaging Islam curriculum at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church in Tucson. We began working with Horizons through attending this training many times. This curriculum is the best way we have seen to introduce people to evangelism. If you are curious about having us train at your church, your small group, or in any other capacity, please reply to this email.
Having fundraising meetings. Every week we make a list of people to call to meet with. We share our passion in these meetings and our plans for Lebanon. We are requesting $50 monthly from everyone we meet with. We are confident that God will fill our account in his timing. We are also confident that God is calling people into action around us. If God is calling you and you aren’t sure how you can help beyond a financial donation, please tell us of your interest. We have many opportunities for you to be involved in our preparations for leaving beyond financial help. For instance, babysitting, meals, packing help, and referrals. If you know someone who has an interest in reaching out to Muslims, just loves Jesus, or wants to share the Bible with others, they sound like someone we would like to meet with. If you are not able to give or if you are already giving at capacity, pray about people you could refer to us.
Preaching in Phoenix every Sunday. While it may seem a strange plan God has us living under to have moved to Tucson only to get hired in Phoenix there are many blessings. We are able to see my parents who live in Mesa. We are able to stay connected with our partnerships in Phoenix. Louis is able to stay involved with Chayah. Of course, the one blessing that is tremendous is that Louis is able to preach every week, which is something he was not able to do before now. It is such an excellent learning experience for him and for me as a Pastor’s Wife.

Funding Update

CLICK HERE to Donate: If you would like to donate pleaseclick here and make sure to write in Louis & Annie Liss to send the funds to our Horizons International account for Lebanon.
Monthly Pledges

$490 / $3,300

Total Startup Fund

$5651.88 / $21,000

New Partners: 6

July Meetings: 14

You are a part of our team, and we need your help.
Thank you!

Arabic Lessons

We began our Arabic lessons the last week of July: We are learning Arabic via Skype from Lebanon! This is an exciting and intimidating part of our preparation. Louis has had two years of Arabic in college, but a few of the sounds are completely different from the Classical Arabic he learned at Northern Arizona University, so even though he can sound out Arabic words looking at the Arabic script, he has to retrain his brain for those letters. Annie has had no training until now, so while she can memorize words, the letters are a completely different world. We will be training every week, so be praying for us!