2013 Summer Report

Ministry Is Heating Up

We are back to the heat. After spending a week at Horizons’ national staff summit in Boulder, CO, we opened the doors in Phoenix to be greeted by 119°. Our time in Colorado was well spent. Not only is it encouraging to hear about what God is doing with Muslim international students all over the country, but we were surprised to see our team leaders from Beirut, Pierre & Gigi Houssney, were also in attendance. Up until a month ago, we were concerned about what we were going to share with the staff about how fundraising was going. We hit several barriers and were concerned about God’s direction. Through Godly counsel we have experienced several weeks of wonderful meetings and new pledged donors. The staff summit was a great encouragement for us. Maybe the biggest change in the past few weeks, which has contributed to our rejuvenated direction, is that we have realized that our ministry has taken priority over our relationship with one another. One of the many ways we made our marriage a priority is by taking time to visit Bryce Canyon and Arches National Parks on the way to Boulder. We reflected, paused, and gazed into the beauty of God’s creation. We spent time with our family without concern for any other ministry obligation. We now return revitalized and excited about God’s continued direction for our future and the chance to meet with more potential partners.

Curious about our team:
(Middle East North Africa)

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Family Prayer Requests

Louis: A full-time job while we continue to raise support. Louis’ dad needs prayer for his health.

Annie: I need to learn to take every thought captive and to focus on the positives God has given me.

David Ezekiel: He has almost four teeth now, and it is giving him great discomfort. (Kind of like Alien, except teeth bursting from his gums.)

Funding Update

To Donate:

If you would like to donate please click hereand make sure to write in Louis & Annie Liss to send the funds to our Horizons International account for Lebanon.
Monthly Pledges

$490 / $3,300

Total Startup Fund

$4,498.58 / $21,000

$49 – Administration
You are a part of our team, and we need your help.
Thank you!

Crawling, Teething, and New Friends. Oh my!

We never have slept much, and David Ezekiel is holding us to that precedent with his teeth hurting every night. He has also figured out that he can be more mobile than in his walker by crawling. Crawling leads to many exciting adventures in baby-proofing: broken coffee mugs, paperclips in his mouth, disappearing acts to freak out his parents, and crawling to doors so that parents cannot open them and end up trapped in the bathroom.
At the staff summit this past month David Ezekiel met many other kids and loved being with them all. It was adorable to see his reactions to the older kids. He loved Rami, the two year old who lives in Beirut, Lebanon with his parents, our team leaders. They got along well which was exciting!