October Prayer Letter: Harvest

What a wonderful month! Pumpkin time has come!
It reminds us that we are being asked to go out and gather the Harvest!

October 2012

The countdown to baby is going by fast! 

As the baby is coming we are wrapping him up in prayers each night, and this month is full of showers of love from others. We are so blessed to have all of you in our lives that are praying for us and encouraging us. Thank you so much! It truly does mean so much to us that you are praying on our behalf. Whenever the Lord uses us in some special way, we’re reminded that you are also a part of it.

Chayah Prison Ministry Update
Ephesians 4:16 From [Christ] the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.
As we strive and prepare for overseas ministry, it is challenging to avoid the tendencies within the body of Christ to consider some members more essential than others. This manifests itself in at least two different ways: An individual can see the work of God they are called to as of great importance, while another member can devalue their calling in a manner that resembles self-loathing. Though I am not a proponent of Hybels, I believe he coined the call of Christ beautifully when he called the church to just “walk across the room.” This urging from the Holy Spirit harkens our thoughts to the calling of Isaiah himself merely responding by searching this home in which he was staying. It is this mindset that compels us to have our hearts set not only over the ocean but in the soils of the desert as well. This beckoning has reaped wonderful rewards as eight girls during the Chayah Youth Jail Ministry retreat accepted Christ for the first time into their hearts. This desire to do an altar call, for perhaps one of the first times in the history of the movement, did not come from my own longings but rather from the old veterans of the retreat. In my exuberance Ephesians calls my gaze back and reminds me that the desperation that I experienced from those eight girls is found also in the youth of the Marana Unified School District where I am now. Jesus wants to reach every tribe and tongue and strangely enough that even means high schoolers.
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Are You Our Volunteer?

We have one request which will take a very committed volunteer. We have a few people on our prayer list that cannot receive email, so we print out the prayer letter each month for them. This is an easy task, yet takes a great deal of commitment. We need someone to take this task upon themselves. We will provide the addresses and names and your job would be to print out the prayer letter (in color if possible) to mail to them so they can be a part of our support team each month. If you are willing to do this please email me: Annie.Liss@horizonsinternational.org.

Prayer Requests:

October  7 – 13: This is Fall Break in Marana School District, so Louis will have no sub jobs. Pray that we can take this week off to relax, but also to buckle down and get some things done to prepare for both the baby and for our move to Lebanon.
October 14 – 20: Pray for Annie’s brother, Daniel. October 14th is his 21st birthday! Shower him with blessings from God in your prayers. Pray for the Via de Cristo retreat weekends. Pray that they would have a lasting impact on all who attend. Men’s weekend is October 18-21.
October 21 – 27:  Pray in this season of Halloween that those who take this holiday as a serious religious holiday would be kept from any evil intentions, sacrifices, etc. Pray that God would step in to change their hearts toward him. Pray that the churches that offer Fall Festivals and Trunk or Treats would be a blessing and invitation to their community that lasts beyond this dress-up day.
October 28 – November 3: Continue to pray for Via de Cristo women’s weekend November 1-4. Pray that after this weekend both men and women would be forever blessed by new friendships and strengthened relationships with Christ.