September Prayer Letter: Some Backyard Tucson Pictures & A Month Of Adjusting

Sun Emerging From Clouds Flower In Backyard Bougainvillea Flowers
Family of Cactus Barrel Cactus Flowers 7 Months Pregnant

Photos From Our Backyard In Tucson

September 2012

As the earth brings forth its sprouts, and as a garden causes what is grown in it to sprout up, so the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to sprout up before all the nations.
Isaiah 61:11

For someone who loves to plan, even I always laugh when each school year begins and people say they are looking forward to having a regular schedule again. Yes, teachers do find that rhythym, but it sure doesn’t happen the first week or so. Louis’ substitute teaching job has had a typical teacher’s beginning. We sit in anticipation each day for the alert from the Sub Sidekick App to tell us there is a job available and then Louis runs to see if he can click Accept before the other subs. It is part of the job, so we stay near the computer but are figuring out how to still live life outside of that Ding! Now I am at home and finding that it takes just as long to figure out a routine that allows me to keep my sanity. It is beautiful here, so one thing that has been calming is to take pictures of the nature just outside. It is so much cooler than Phoenix, but still too hot for me to take off on a significant walk, but I can get a little in traveling around the house. I also have libraries close by and Louis and I end up there a lot to get me more reading material. This is one of the ways I am preparing for missions. I am studying different time periods to increase my historical view because I have trouble keeping a lot of it in my head. In missions, ministry, and relationships it is very important to understand where the people are coming from. For instance, Louis was talking to me about the Armenians that he met in Lebanon and I had no paradigm for their history, so while I accepted that they were a displaced people group I didn’t know more. In the time period I am studying right now 1875-1929, I found out that before and during WWI the Ottoman Empire had a policy of genocide against the Armenians in their land. When WWI broke out they tried to get rid of them altogether sending many out into the Syrian desert to die, others were killed straight out, and some made it to Ellis Island. I had no idea about this genocide. So, learning is going well for me. In addition, I have the baby to pray for and feel kick around. He is still small enough to be flipping around a little, but in the next three weeks or so will most likely have decided if he is going to be a good baby and go head down.

Louis has been amazing since our move to Tucson at finding God’s priorities. A few years ago I had reached a point of not wanting to go overseas. I was too discouraged and my faith was crumbling. Louis and I since then have grown stronger and stronger as a couple, which I know is because we have set God as an even greater focus between us. However, I still had school and teaching, which has kept me from seeing all the prayers and Bible reading that Louis has poured over in a search for how to help my spirit continue to heal. I was fine with the bandaid method, but Louis wanted to heal the wounds. So, we have been attending a wonderful church here rather than go church hopping to visit all the churches we want to seek support from. We have been attending a Bible Study, and we have been using a prayer calendar each night in addition to Louis constantly reaching over to lay hands on my belly and pray for the baby, pray when we are in the car, pray for our food, and pray when I am crying, anxious, manic, excited, happy, well it seems he is praying with me all the time. He has been true to his word that he wants to have a healthy family before going on with ministry. One of my favorite bands in the world sent their monthly letter and there was a line about fall that stood out to me and clicks with where we are at now. They are explaining that a friend sees September 1 as New Year’s Day, “the gateway into fall; marking the time to set aside distractions and truly engage in the soul’s real work; to rededicate yourself to love and service, forgiveness and mystery.” I have been truly blessed beyond measure by this husband of mine!

Prayer Requests:
September 2-8: Pray for Louis to continue healing from the cold he was sick with this last week or so.
September 9-15: Pray for Louis and Annie to get rest and remain healthy so they can be motivated to set up meetings with churches this month.
September 16-22: Pray for Louis and Annie as they serve on the Chayah weekend for the girls. Annie will be coming in for one day as well to give the relationship talk with Louis.
September 23-29: Pray for Annie’s sister, Heather, as she hosts Annie’s first baby shower! Pray for Louis as he serves on the Chayah weekend for the boys.
September 30-October 6: Pray for everyone that all of you and both us whom we see throughout the days to see Jesus in us and for every action and word that we all take to be an expression of Christ.
Grass Prickly Pear With Levi The Cat Journeying Through Cactus Hit By Lightning