August Prayer Letter

We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you.
Colossians 1:3

We waited until the second week of August to send out or August newsletter, because we wanted to tell you:

It’s a boy!

We had the ultrasound on August 3rd. Thank you for your prayers and support, now it is even more offical that we are having a baby!!! Yes, folks, a real human baby!

Louis & Youth Camp

Transitions are always hard. I had fought for the end of my time at Abiding Savior Community Churh to be bookended by chaperoning camp. I had seen such deep growth from taking the kids last year that it was very important for this year to still be filled with another mountain top experience. Last year we were able to raise $250 dollars worth of tuition for all eight youth to attend camp. Though the experience was phenominal there surfaced a lack of gratitude that became a main focus for this year. Each youth who wanted to go had six months to provide $50 of the money which was enough to deter some, but everyone who went had a greater investment and appreciation for their experience. It was breathtaking to take kids (Many of whose days consist of merely School, Sitting, and Sleeping) and unplug from the world to be closer to God. After the initial trauma of being disconnected from electronics like ripping flesh from flesh, their eyes and ears began to open and we had churched and unchurched kids engaged in deep philisophical conversations ranging from the true cost of discipleship to how can we actually hear God. I was amazed. God is so good and I was totally humbled by a great and sad ending of a chapter in my life. Thank you Abiding Savior and thank you Youth and Young Adults.

Our Other Recent Doings

Annie has been preparing the house in Tucson for baby and creating space for herself to be able to effectively stay at home without going crazy. Part of this process is preparing a space where we can both work and organize the fundraising and support team information. That’s all of you! Most important for us moving forward is to have real relationships with this team of people so that we can truly share our prayer concerns and be in communication with all of you who are praying for us and loving on us. In the past this has not been a strong suit of ours, so we are trying to build habits now, beginning with the timely release of this newsletter each month.

Now Louis has multiple opportunities facing him for ministry in Phoenix and in Tucson. Please pray that God will give clear guidance to us about when to say yes and when to say no. As we pray for Lebanon and prepare for that leg of our future journey, it will be a major commitment to raise money, prayer support, learn the language, and do all the preparation for that move. Of course, the excitement for the baby is growing, so we want to make sure that we are organized in such a way that we do not stop focusing on God at any point in all these processes and learning experiences.

Prayer Requests for August
August 12-18    
As school starts please pray that Louis can begin to get substitute teaching days and that both of his parents and my sister and mom have a great first week back working with schools.
August 19-25     Please pray that we would both continue growing in our relationship with God. Specifically Annie needs prayer to find motivation and build the discipline of reading the Bible every day. Louis would like prayer to continue leading family devotions, so that this will be a habit that will continue when the baby is born.
August 26- September 1     Please pray that Baby Liss would be a healthy baby that can be raised to love Jesus Christ more than anything.

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Baby Liss

Louis has been absolutely wonderful helping me overcome anxiety and attending child preparation classes. God knew what he was doing putting Louis in this world!