A Middle Of The Trip Update

2 A

Under the Bridge

When Pierre told us that we would be doing street evangelism under the bridge, we thought first of trolls under little moss covered bridges.Then we discovered that the highways here have these huge overpasses with walking space underneath that is equally huge. Louis was able to go out and do some evangelism. Pierre Houssney (another staff member, and son of Georges Housnney the founder of Horizons International) took Louis. Louis came back refreshed. This is what we want to do with our lives. Of all the people who passed by about half of them accepted the tracts and scriptures, half of those stopped for a conversation about them, and half of those were connected with a church and contact information was shared for follow up.

Annie had been very concerned along with most of you supporting us about the details of raising a baby here. Gigi  and Pierre’s 11 month old boy has been here with them since he was about seven and a half months old. We discussed quality of living, and even went apartment hunting to see how this will look in reality. Annie and Gigi went and had a morning visit one day with some of the other female missionaries in the area. All of these experiences have helped Annie feel that this truly is a place that she can live and make a home for herself and our family.

2 B

God is Speaking!
The main reason that we took this short trip was to determine if this is where God has called us. We believe that the answer is


We have spent almost four days here now and we are thrilled with the doors we see God opening.

From the Big Idea to the details of how we will move here, long-term mission work is coming into focus on our journey.


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